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Stress Relief Exercises to Promote Physical Wellness

Stress relief exercises is not only good for your body it is also good for your mind, emotions and spiritual well-being.  It has a direct effect in preventing anxiety, depression and helps to improve mood and focus.  There are many physical exercises that help not only relieve stress but also help to increase the blood flow better so that it can supply oxygen and nutrients. Ultimately, exercise benefits the entire body and affects mental health as well.  It helps balance hormones and reduces inflammation.  Overall exercise can improve your memory, focus, sleep concentration, self-esteem, brain function, and moods.

Stress relief exercises has many benefits for example:

  • improves blood pressure
  • overcomes obesity and diabetes
  • improves sleep
  • boost energy levels  
  • improves brain function
  • builds strong bones
  • reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Stress Relief Exercises to Promote Physical Wellness

    Your goal is to relieve stress and improve physical health.  Now you need to choose the type of strategy to reach that goal. So the best exercise you can do is those that you know you are going to stick with and enjoy.   There are numerous things that you can do within your home, workplace or at leisure. 

    Here are few strategies that you can choose, from the American Heart Association. that can increase physical activity at home, at work and even at play.  All you have to do is to put any of these strategies into practice. The following are physical exercises can help you focus less on your stress and more on an activity that can enhance and promote physical wellness. For example:

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      Do housework yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it.
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      Stretch to reach items in high places and squat or bend to look at items at floor level.
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      Walk down the hall to speak with someone rather than using the telephone.
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      Join a fitness center or YMCA near your job. Workout before or after work to avoid rush-hour traffic, or drop by for a noon workout.
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      Play your favorite music while exercising; enjoy something that motivates you.
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      At the lake, rent a rowboat or instead of a canoe.

    The Heart Association Activity Sheet

    For a more thorough list of exercises below please find The Heart Association Activity Sheet that you can download, print and use as a reference.   Carry this list with you and check off the ways you could increase your physical activity and relieve stress.  Then take any one of these strategies and put them into practice.  

    Click on image below for your free download.

    How to Determine your Readiness
    for Change?

    Now that you are familiar with the numerous stress relief exercises you can easily do anywhere let's determine your readiness to begin your exercise plan by doing the survey below:

    Begin your Physical Wellness Plan

    Once you have determined your actual readiness to start your physical activity you can begin your exercise action plan.  You plan will help you achieve your goal of relieving stress and increasing physical wellness.

     Please note the following warning.

    WARNING: If you have a high risk of coronary heart disease or some other chronic health problem, check with your healthcare provider before beginning a physical activity program.  If you have check with your physician and are in good health to exercise let's begin your action plan.

    10 Steps for Physical Wellness

    Stress relief exercises can be effective when you implement a physical wellness plan. Your ultimate goal is to relieve stress, but in doing so you will also be able to improve on your physical health.  Here are 10 steps you can use to attain these goals.  Many of these exercise can be easily implement on a daily basis.

    1.  Make a list of things you want to improve about your body and physical wellness. Focus on areas where you need to make changes. Be specific.  Here is a PHYSICAL WELLNESS PLAN WORKSHEET  to fill-in and print for your use.

     2.  Choose at least three specific areas you want to improve under the physical wellness category and make an action plan detailing how you will get there.  Download your ACTION PLAN WORKSHEET HERE to further assist you!

     3.  Pick a strategy from The Heart Association Activity Sheet. 

     4.   List your physical wellness Goal for the week.  (Use the action plan worksheet for this.)

     5.   Decide on the number of days you do this week?  Example: Walking with your favorite music or a friend 3 times a week. 

     6.   Pick an amount time _____minutes or repetition. 

    The America Cancer Society recommends at least 3o minutes of moderate to vigorous activity 5 days or more a week. For children and teens a bit more 60 minutes of moderately vigorous activity at least 5 days a week.

    7.    Anticipate what you will need to take your first step (walking shoes, music, a notebook to write).

    8.    Chart your progress  Use the ACTION PLAN WORKSHEET HERE  to keep track of progress as well.

    9.    Reward yourself and celebrate each week. Do upbeat things to celebrate, for instance like a special dinner or treat.

    10.   Then in 4 weeks review entire month.  Evaluate if you need to change something to make it better or keep it interesting.

    Congratulations you did it!  The hardest part was to get started. It's easy when you start taking small steps and work your way up to the harder task after you reach your previous goal.  Keep up the good work!

    Pros & Cons Physical Exercise
    Work Sheet

    To further assist you in pursuing an action plan for exercise, below is a Pros and Cons Physical Exercise worksheet to help you break down the positive and negative aspects you will encounter when you start your exercise regimen to relieve stress.


    List the things that will motivate you to change and the outcome if you do not seek change.  Please click on the image for your physical exercise worksheet.


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