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 You are a Sensitve Soul

Your characteristic of  Calmness is that of a Sensitive Soul

Based on your responses, your current state of calmness is that of a Sensitive Soul. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re destined be taken advantage of, or that you will not fulfill your calmness goals. Keep reading to get to know more about your calmness type.

Characteristics of a Sensitive Soul

    You are calm more often than not, but you still have your moments and you are not always as composed as you would like to be. You work well when the situation is calm and relaxed. Dislikes pressure or conflict.  In fact, you may really hate conflict and look to avoid it.


    Unfortunately, this means that issues affect you more than they do others, which is unfair. You take things to heart and spend a lot of time thinking about what happen. This is a good quality to have because it makes you a caring and compassionate person.

    Your compassion enables you to be more patient than most, but it can take its toll on you because you give so much.  Although conflicts are inevitable, there are ways of handling these situations and still be able to keep your cool or composure.  

      You can still be who you are and handle challenges that can present itself in your relationships at home and at work. If you know how to manage the unique features of being a sensitive person, you can make it more of a strength and less of a challenge in your life. 

As a Sensitive Soul, You...

  • 1
    Have a creativity that gives you a sense of appreciation for nature, art, and music.
  • 2
    Strive to be a perfectionist, but may be more aware of the ways that this can cause stress.
  • 3
    May feel uncomfortable in certain situation, but you desire calmness, a life purpose, and to feel whole.
  • 4
    Want to be independent and achieve things on your own, but you don't like feeling overwhelmed.
  • 5
    Desire to relieve stress and be strong of mind and body. You just need to know how
  • 6
    Want to relate, interact, and communicate well with others. Yet, hesitate to have a connection with others.
  • 7
    Good at doing tasks that need deep concentration and focus. You can accomplish more.
  • 8
    Tend to pick up on the needs and feelings of others and hate letting people down. This can deplete you emotionally.
  • 9
    Affected more deeply to negative experiences, which is not necessarily a sign of weakness.
  • 10
    Do not like to deal with alot of noise or activity, but you do have a better awareness of yourself, your needs and that of others.

Achieving Success Through Calmness

Calmness is the key to achieving success in all aspects of your life.  To achieve this you need to create a positive affect in your life, and that can put you in a unique position to completely dictate your potential for personal development and success.  

Positive affect" refers to a person’s tendency to experience positive emotions and interact with others and with life’s challenges in a positive way.  This positive affect is associated with characteristics of people who tend to be happier, like optimism, calmness and success.

They also tend to be less stressed because of all that’s great in their lives; their positive affect can bring about lower levels of stress on its own.

Man overlooking peaceful waters

Life may not always be this perfect, because there may be times you may encounter conflicts with situations or with people. Yet, you still can deal effectively with stress simply by cultivating a positive affect or take steps to lift your moods in a positive way.

Generally, when a person is in a happier mood they can notice more possibilities in their lives.  They tend to handle difficult situations in a better way.  Most importantly it enables them to improve in their physical and mental wellness, as well as, social interactions. For example, if you’re in a good mood, you may have more motivation to go to the gym and build your physical health. You will also be open to interact with other people and welcome their support.

Most importantly, having optimal mental, physical and spiritual health can help build a resilience toward stress and bring about calmness. Basically, it can work as an "upward spiral" toward developing more positive affect.  This is why it really helps to cultivate positive moods and pleasure in life.  It's not just something that will lead to some good feelings in the moment, but it can be a path to less stress and a happier and calmner life in general. This is well worth the effort of increasing behaviors that lead to positive affect towards reaching the ultimate goal of calmness and a happy life.

A sensitive soul already has many positive characteristic that can bring about calmness, but you will accomplish more by adopting healthy habits to achieve calmnes and  success. You know this is possible you just need the key to getting you there.

All the positive traits of being a Sensitive Soul equipped with the right tools, will put you in a unique position to achieve and maintain calmness.

My Recommendations for you...

Based on your characteristics of a sensitive soul, I’ve picked out a few different

 recommendations on how you can:

  • Build a sound, mind, spirit and body.
  • Relieve stress and anxiety naturally.
  • Learn not procrastinate.
  • Utilize your time efficiently.
  • To build confidence.
  • Set aside your fears and rise above with success habits.
Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.”  - National Wellness Institute

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Achieving Inner Calmness

Inner calmness is a state of mind.  It allows your mind and body to effectively deal with any challenges in life.  When inner calmness is achieved you will find you are more creative, intuitive and have a quietness of mind that will allow you to achieve more in your life.

By learning how to control your mind and tuning in to your inner quietness, you can achieve inner calmness. You have the ability within you right now to achieve inner calmness.

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Good Time Management

Nearly all ambitious people, for example, must reduce the time they spend on ho-hum chores to the minimum, so that they may utilize and reclaimed time and energy to work at their aspiration.  A successful person usually makes the most of there time effectively in order to reach their daily goals. 

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Holistic Approach to Health

It is important to address your overall wellbeing with the purpose of promoting good health and calmness. This is done by taking a holistic approach to health by focusing on the whole person’s being – body, mind and spirit.

Most health practitioners understand that many ailments and ill health in general can be traced back to stress.

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The Magic of Confidence

Confidence is a powerful tool of influence.  It  is so strong that causes people to feel safer and more trusting. Confidence is like a super power that allows you to get what you want in life.

Most people think that it is something you born with, but in reality it is something you can gain.  It is something that can be created if you have the right system.  Once you know how to create confidence your whole life can change and get better.

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