Maintaining Physical Wellness with
 Optimum Performance

Congratulations, for taking action to improve your physical health!

Their are 4 basic fundamentals that will teach you how to improve your physical wellness.

Maintaining Physical Health for Physical Wellness

When it comes to physical wellness there are several fundamentals that you need to incorporate into your lifestyle to maintain physical wellness.  The fundamentals are -- fitness, nutrition, making healthy choices and friends and family support.  The key to achieving physical wellness is practicing the fundamentals and making them a part of your routine lifestyle.

Integrating Physical Practices into your Daily Routine

In order to integrate physical practices into your daily routine it important to gain an understanding of what that includes.  Physical practices include:

  • Acknowledging the importance of physical activity.
  • Choosing to eat a healthy diet.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Controlling stress and its effects.
  • Gaining high energy levels.
  • Taking steps to ensure quality sleep.
  • Respecting and taking care of your body.
  • Making healthy choices regarding sexuality, drugs and drinking.
  • Taking action and responsibility for caring for our environment.

Access Your Readiness for Change

Before you begin your plan to improve your physical wellness, it is important to assess if you are ready to take this challenge.  Please take the following Quiz to see if you are ready to try new strategies to improve your physical health for yourself or someone you know.

Get Started with Our Physical Wellness Plan

If you are ready to move forward you can use our strategies below to make the changes you want and maintain good physical health.  A consistant effort  is needed in the desired direction you want to take and to put into play an effective action plan for physical wellness.

Choose your Desired Fundamental Strategy

Maintaining optimal physical health through physical activity can promote mental health and wellness.

Fruit Breakfast

You are what you eat!  Find out how to relieve anxiety and stress through eating the right foods!

Our friends, family and the community play an important role in mental health. Find out how!

The healthy choices we make in our sexuality and relationships is key to living a happy life.  What are your choices?

Action Plan for Mental Health and Wellness

Successfully Cope with Stress and Anxiety with Wellness Strategies

"Mental health is one part of an interconnected package of overall health including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. To achieve optimal health and wellness we need to take into consideration the person as a whole—body, mind, spirit, and emotions." 

 - Iris Morales

Follow our Action Plan for Mental Health and Wellness

to achieve overall optimal health and alleviate stress you need to consider emotional, mental, spiritual and physical practices. Follow these basic practices to achieve these goals.



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