Do you want to Create Mental Calmness?

Try these mental health practices to create calmness in your life

Mental Health Challenges of Today

Mental Calmness is not easily achieved. On a daily basis we are faced with so many challenges that affect our mental health.  For instance, we  work or have school demands, we experience breakups, separations, illnesses and  losses. Some individuals are starting new jobs or even reloccating.

There are so many other stressful changes in our life that can affect our mental health and our mental calmness.  The daily stress that we experience contributes to physical, mental and emotional distress, interpersonal problems, and limitations in thinking, relating and performing. 

When we consider finding a solution to our mental health problems,  its important to incorporate strategies that include the individual as a whole.

The mind, body, emotions and the spirit are all different aspects of each individual. Affecting any one of these, affects the others

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So, when you feel stressed about something know that there are effective stress management tools that you can use.  These include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practices to promote overall wellness, and stop the debilitating effects of stress.

As a community we can improve mental health by using natural therapies in combination with behavioral and social sciences to promote mental health.

Integrating Mental Practices into your Daily Routine

There are many mental practices to promote mental health and they are very helpful in promoting a sense of well-being, reduce anxiety and stress, build concentration and self-decipline,  and overcome depression and anxiety.

Some of the practices to promote mental health and manage stress includes the ancient art of meditation, prayer, mind power techniques, visualization, relaxation techniques, self-awareness and positive thinking.  

A steady practice of mental strategies or techniques builds resilience in dealing with daily stresses. So, when you begin these mental strategies it is important to make them a part of your regular routine to be effective.

The journey to mental wellness is a slow and steady one, but with some dedication and patience you can reach your goal.

Achieving Calmness Begins by Practicing Good Strategies

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Mental Practices to Promote Mental Wellness

  1. Choose your Strategy: To begin, choose one of the Mind Management Techniques below to create mental calmness.  Any one you choose is fine, the important thing is to get started. These are techniques you can use everyday.  So, set your goal and once you accomplish it, proceed to the next one. Every step you take is a stepping stone to managing stress and feeling calmer and relaxed.  You can feel good knowing that you have finally taken action, to promote mental calmness.
  2. Review  your resources and barriers.  For instance, your resource can be meditation classes  and your barrier is that your are concern with the cost. This will give you a better understanding of what you can or can't do.  There are many things you can choice from and they all have pros and cons.  You need to choose the one that is best for you!
  3. Pick Number of Days: If you decide to do relaxation techniques you need to decide on the number of days this week you will do it.
  4. Keep Track of Progress:  You can chart your progress weekly.
  5. Plan Celebration for Success:  Treat yourself to something nice, like going to the movies or having dinner. I am sure you can come up with something fun!

Remember to:

  • Take  this challenge and reframe it to something more positive and productive.
  • Use the mental practices below to change a challenge into an opportunity.
  • Read one article at a time and take notes that you can refer to later. Once you master one you proceed to another, and gradually build your plan for mental wellness.

Thoughts are the primary sources of the creative forces in our lives, and if used consciously and smartly, with these techniques it can bring about a whole new life of opportunity.

Mind Management Techniques

4 Mind power techniques to help get a better understanding why you think in a negative way and how to develop a new way of thinking that can help you to manage anxiety and bring your dreams into reality.

5 Relaxation Techniques that target the body and the mind, to help delay the progress of anxiety and minimize its symptoms. To bring about calmness and generally enhance your quality of life.

Stress Anxiety Management can be achieved by learning new habits and behaviors that decrease stress. It teaches you how to do a critical analysis of your thoughts in order to develop sound judgment for making good decisions.

 Self-awareness is the starting point in determining what you want in life. We will show you how to determine those qualities for success and improvement. Developing self-awareness is essential for personal growth!

Using Mental visualization can dissolve limiting attitudes, fears that are deeply rooted within you, and help you visualize and bring into realization those desires that bring you satisfaction and joy.

Stop anxiety with a positive thinking attitude and stop the uncertainty and the worry, and turn the "what ifs," into an opportunity of unlimited possibilities.

Other Mental Stress Management Practices

The Following Exercises Will Help to Take a Challenge and Turn it into an Opportunity


Cognitive Restructuring Reframe Self-defeating Thoughts

The way we describe things to ourselves and others have a direct impact on our mood, our confidences and feeling inner calmnesss. This exercise will enable you to reframe your words and actions, and turn a negative situation into something positive.

Good Mental Health


Mindful Meditation to bring attention to the Present

This exercise will help you bring attention to the present moment, freeing your mind from worries of the present, past or future.


Progress Muscle Relaxation Exercise

For those moments when you are tense, stressed and your body begins to hurt.  This will help you bring you back to feeling more relaxed, centered and balanced.

relaxation meditation-

Action Plan for Mental Health and Wellness

Successfully Cope with Stress and Anxiety with Wellness Strategies

"Mental health is one part of an interconnected package of overall health including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. To achieve optimal health and wellness we need to take into consideration the person as a whole—body, mind, spirit, and emotions."  - Iris Morales

Follow our Action Plan for Mental Health and Wellness

to achieve overall optimal health and alleviate stress you need to consider emotional, mental, spiritual and physical practices. Follow these basic practices to achieve these goals.



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