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How to Find Mental Calmness

Cognitive Restructuring Reframe Self-defeating Thoughts
Cognitive restructuring is also known as cognitive reframing and it is a very helpful technique that helps people identify unpleasant[...]
Is Shyness Genetic? The Science of Shyness
Scientific researchers have only recently turned their attention to one of the most common conditions known to man – shyness.[...]
How to Develop Good Character Traits?
How to Develop Good Character Traits Developing good character traits evolves over time.  It is affected by the choices we[...]
Do you Want to Find Authentic Happiness?
If you want to find authentic happiness you need to take charge of your thoughts.  You begin by making a[...]

Holistic Approach to Physical Health

Are Hоmеораthіс Anxіеtу Rеmеdіеѕ the Best Natural Solution?
Hоmеораthіс anxіеtу rеmеdіеѕ are holistic alternatives to treating a person in a unique way. It involves studying all aspects of[...]
Anxiety Supplements a Popular Substitute for Anxiety Medications
What is are anxiety supplements? Anxiety supplements are a popular substitute for anxiety medications and immediate treatment or other long-term[...]
Change your Mood and Get Natural Anxiety Relief with a Serotonin Diet
With a serotonin diet, you can change your mood and decrease anxiety, stress, depression, and anger. There are many serotonin[...]
Yoga for Runners: 4 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Anxiety
Yoga for runners is a great way to loosen those tight muscles and help relieve some of the day's to-day[...]

Developing Spirituality

Joel Osteen-Developing a Positive Mindset
One of the most important things that we can do to help release anxiety and stress in our lives is[...]
Create a Healing Garden for Overcoming Anxiety
A healing garden or a green space can help for Overcoming Anxiety.  They are a set of special gardens design mainly for[...]
Anxiety Healing Through Spirituality a Beautiful Self-Expression
Spirituality can enable anxiety healing. Spirituality is the beautiful expression of our inner self or what is called the human spirit. Spirituality does[...]
An Anxiety Remedy That Can add Sunshine into your Life!
A most effective anxiety remedy is a natural sunlight.  It is a human requirement and is responsible for providing you with[...]


Holistic Calmness is about finding peace of mind, balance, and harmony through holistic stress relief techniques, as it addresses the “whole Person,” the mind, body and spirit. 


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