benefits of deep breathing

Benefits of Deep Breathing Can Reduce Anxiety

The benefits of deep breathing, in essence, can be determined physically or spiritually. The choice to live in both of these worlds simultaneously is the balance of life. The mental and spiritual benefits are precursors to the physical benefits. You will ease your muscles and help your blood, but what you are really doing when releasing the benefits of deep breathing is bringing yourself to a state of well-being and relaxation. First breathe in deeply, and bring the thought process to a halt. With a deep breath and no thoughts, you are bringing your spirit to ease, ridding it of the thorns that are stress, anxiety, and fear. Your spirit requires you to release the benefits of deep breathing in order to even begin the process of physical healing. You may be overwhelmed and think you don’t have time to sit down and meditate, but that’s like saying you don’t have time to eat or drink water. We need meditation, and our souls require it for mental clarity and spiritual growth. Those are the real benefits obtained from deep breathing.


Separating the conscious from the subconscious is what makes us realize how in control of our bodies we really are. Take breathing for instance, you almost never think about it, yet it is always happening. You take thousands of breaths everyday without giving it the slightest attention, and you may be thinking: “so what?”

  Conscious breathing is also known as meditation, so right off the bat you can put two and two together to see that breathing while thinking about it is actually extremely beneficial. It is something you do all day every day – so if you do it the right way and control your breathing – the benefits are absolutely astounding.

The Benefits of Deep Breathing are Life-Saving!

Deep breathing detoxified and releases toxins in the body. About 70% of all detoxification in the body is warranted from breathing properly. Carbon dioxide is exchanged through the blood into the lungs and out, and the better your breathing, the more carbon dioxide being released, which is a good thing. Deep breathing also reduces tension, releases anxiety while simultaneously increasing mental clarity and sense of well-being. It all starts with the levels of oxygen in your muscles and brain and it ends at the same place – with oxygen disbursement. So now that the benefits have been established, and only a few of them at that, you may be asking: how do I start? 

The ancient Greeks and Romans also suggested deep breathing as a means of calmness and ease. They suggest 3-4 seconds in and 3-4 seconds out. It is done through the abdomen and not just the chest, and all of the breathing is done through the nose. Daily stresses and anxiety may be tinkering with your mind, you may feel agitated, stressed, and overtired. It is amazing how significantly deep breathing impacts these ailments.  An ancient Chinese proverb states that “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now”.  In saying that, there is no “wrong” time to start deep breathing, only one right time, which is now. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the benefits of deep breathing.