7 Anxiety Relief Techniques to Help you be Fearless!

There are immediate anxiety relief techniques that you can put into practice right away.  Remember fear and anxiety is the result of stress. So you need to learn how to promote a sense of calmness and security, by anticipating and recognizing stressful situations that disrupt your peace of mind.   Stress is part of your life but if you can develop stress management skills that can become a routine in your daily life.  This will help you beat anxiety and allows you to be fearless so that you can live the life you desire.

I am an advocate of maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, restful sleep and a positive environment that reduces the exposure to negative news and drama.  This can help to reduce stress.  There are other things that can be put into practice every day to help develop inner strength and calmness.  The only way that they will be effective if you put them into practice daily not just when you are stressed out!

7  Anxiety Relief Techniques to Help you be Stress-Free

Here are 7 different anxiety relief techniques that you can incorporate into your life to feel immediate relief of worry, stress, and anxiety. This will not take up a lot of your time or cost you anything.  All you need to do is to make the time.  Take a few minutes wherever you are and smile, laugh, breathe deeply, enjoy the present and you will become immediately more relaxed.

1.  Smile and Laugh. This is one of the simplest anxiety relief techniques that you can do anytime and anywhere. Watch a funny program, read funny stories or tell some funny jokes, watch baby animal videos on YouTube.  Find something funny that will allow you to laugh out loud and relieve some tension.  Notice when you laugh how it immediately makes you feel more calm and relaxed.

2.  Take a Deep Breath. Breathe deeply to relax and count your blessings. Think about those things that brought you some happiness and made you smile or laugh.  When you start to feel sad, worried or negative, switch to thinking about those moments in your life.  Remember those things that you are grateful for and that will help you feel more at ease.

3.  Seek Inspiration. YouTube is full of inspirational and motivational videos.  Look there and you will find spiritual music as well.  You can also read inspirational books and watch inspirational movies of people who show courage and hope.  When you do this, you will feel uplifted and hopeful too!

4.  Relaxation or Progressive Techniques. Very easy to do.  Intentionally tense your muscles from different parts of the body.  Start with your neck and shoulder then work your way down.  Here are some instructions on how to practice progressive relaxation techniques. Click Here!

5.  Turn a Negative Thought into a Positive Thought. When you have those worries or negative thoughts turn them into more constructive thinking along with a plan of action.  For example, I feel my memory is deteriorating. Turn it into: How can I do to improve my memory? What strategies or tools can I use to help me remember?

6.  Use Spiritual Practices: Prayer, meditation, attend church or any other religious organization that can give you spiritual nourishment, such as hope, love, and strength to endure adversities.

7.  Color, Draw or Paint. You don’t have to be an artist you just need to find fun ways to express yourself and release stress and anxiety.  There are many Adult Coloring Books to Reduce Stress.  You can just get some drawing pencils and pads and just draw anything you want.  As you are doing this you are forgetting your problems.

These are 7 anxiety relief techniques that will help you to become fearless and stress-free.  You can do these things to help create security and calmness in your life.  They are simple and easy things to practice daily to protect and prevent stress, fear, and anxiety.  I am sure you can come up with your own ideas.  The important thing is that you recognize and acknowledge your fears and then have a plan of action to defeat them.

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