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Stress Relief Tips to Revitalize, Mind, Body & Spirit

Hi, I'm Iris and I am really happy that you are here!  If you are looking for stress relief tips to achieve some peace of mind, to  be more organize and nurtur all aspects of your life, then you are in the right place. I like to show you self-help techniques to master and control stressful situations where ever and when ever. 

Holistic Remedies for the Whole Person

One may ask: what is Holistic Calmness all about?  Holistic Calmness is about finding peace of mind, balance, and harmony through natural holistic stress relief tips and techniques, as it addresses the “whole Person,” the mind, body, and spirit. 


My objective is to help you to overcome stress and anxiety by reaching optimal health and wellness as you utilize natural remedies that nurture all aspects of your life.   I will show you simple lifestyle changes and self-care techniques that you can easily implement in your daily life as I have in mine.

How Do you Start your Journey to Wellness?

We have a sense of responsibility to do our very best to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. One part affects the other, so it is important that we take care of the whole person.

So we need to  address  stress and anxiety in a similar way, by feeding our mind, body and spirit with the right nourishment.  To accomplished this we need  to incorporate daily habits that will encourage a balanced and healthy lifestyle

​​​​Natural Alternative for Wellness

I recommend various stress relief tips that include natural alternative techniques, such as homeopathy, accupuncture, hypnosis, massage therapy, aromatherapy, psychotherapy, relationship support,  spiritual therapy and more.  It may seem like a lot, but I will help you implement a plan of action to help you set and accomplish your goals.  Step by step!

Anxiety Relief Products

There are numerous anxiety relief products in the market today that can naturally bring relief not only to anxiety, but they can aid in reducing stress and depression as well.  Here are  some natural supplements  that can provide calmness and well-being.​​

Social Anxiety Remedies

Social anxiety can really affect your life, so much so, that you choose not to associate with others.  That's because it can cause so much anxiety and stress.  Yet, there are various resources that are available to help you reduce your social anxiety.    Here are some article to help you get started.  Check them out!

Daily Inspirational Quotes

These are quotes that I hope will provide you with some hope and inspiration.  Sometimes positive words can be uplifting and can heal.  

When you think about these sayings it creates positive thinking.  It may even give you a different perspective about life.  

Just pause and read some of these quotes and let yourself forget for just a moment what is troubling you and focus on something that is soothing and hopeful.  

Using these holistic remedies and self-help techniques will ultimately make you feel more empowered and in control of your anxiety, health and stressful circumstances. 

Sometimes life presents a series of  difficult events which we all have to deal with at certain points in life. Often times, while trying to make ends meet, we are caught up in disharmony, distorted emotions and ultimately, stress and anxiety sets in.


So start using these natural techniques to bring about wellness and to help you cope with everyday stress.

There are simple things you can do to Achieve Wellness

Start with our 25 everday habits guide

Achieving wellness begins by practicing good habits!

Making the Right Choices to Achieve Wellness

In reality, different people react to life events in different ways. The decisions you make in the present day circumstances are the defining factors of tomorrow.  So, it important to make the right choices that will enable you to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.


It takes the effort of all to create a better and healthier way of living.  Anxiety and stress are very much a part of your life, but so are the solutions. Holistic Calmness will help you come up with an effective plan that will help bring calmness and order in your daily life. You just need to decide to take action!  

So if you are ready to take action and learn the techniques and strategies to reduce daily stress and anxiety. You are just a click away.  Go ahead and take the first step to finding calmness, and overall wellness.


“The road to wellness begins with making the right choices for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being .”    ~ Iris Morales


At Holistic Calmness, our objective is to help you reach optimal health and   wellness by utilizing natural remedies that nurture all aspects of your life.  


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