How to Deal with Relationship Anxiety? To be or not to be?

Overcome Relationship Anxiety

Relationships are not always perceived to be investments, but in many instances, that’s exactly what they are.  This is a common case for individuals who seem to have relationship anxiety and do not like the marriage idea. If you are an individual that is dating a person with this notion in mind, and you have invested a lot of time … Read more

Social Anxiety Treatments to Overcome Shyness

Social Anxiety Treatments

There are various social anxiety treatments that are available today, and in doing some research, I found some good programs to help overcome social anxiety.  There are the five excellent programs that are not too expensive.   In addition, below are brief descriptions of each social anxiety treatment with a link that you can click … Read more

How to Overcome the Fear of Falling in Love

overcome the fear of falling in love

[audioalbum title=”How to overcome the fear of falling in love=”Help Tips” date=”2016″] [audiotrack title=”How to overcome the fear of falling in love” songwriter=”credit” mp3=”″]  Whether it’s a broken relationship or a divorce, the results are still that of pain and anguish.  Such experiences are discouraging and the fear of falling in love is inevitable. A...

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10 Ways on How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Live a Happier Life!

How to overcome social anxiety

Are you unwilling to interact with people or even afraid to deal with society? Do you feel that you will always be alone? Well in this article, I will show various ways on how to overcome social anxiety. Overcoming social anxiety can sometimes be challenging especially when fear has become ingrained within you.  At times, you may steer … Read more

Free Yourself from the Fear of Dying – Tips to Heal Death Anxiety

Fear of Dying View of the Cemetery

Until science fiction turns into ѕсiеnсе fact, we’re all going to die at some stage. But it’s that сеrtаintу that саn саuѕе реорlе to have a fеаr of dying. Prоbаblу bесаuѕе the рrесiѕе time and date of our demise are unknown. Yоu could be struck down tomorrow or you соuld live for many more dесаdеѕ. … Read more

The Fear of Being Touched: Causes, Treatments And Holistic Recommendations

fear of being touched

One of the most uncommon fears that anybody can have is the “fear of being touched.”  This type of abnormal fear is called haphephobia. The individual has an undefinable fear of being touched by someone.  A person with haphephobia can at any point, get a panic attack because of their fear of being touched by … Read more

Anxiety in Kids – 9 Strategies to Manage your Child’s Anxiety

anxiety in kids

No one wants their children to suffer, but when it comes to anxiety in kids many parents do not know how to help them. Here are some practical strategies that you can use to manage your child’s anxiety. Anxiety in kids can happen at any time and even the anticipation of it can cause anxiety. The … Read more

Conquer Breast Cancer Fears-You are not Alone!

conquer breast cancer fears

Conquering your breast cancer fears can save your life.  There is an alarming rate of women that are so overwhelmed with anxiety that they postpone their breast cancer screening.  Some avoided them altogether for fear of getting an unfavorable biopsy result or are too embarrassed to expose their breast.  Yet it is this examination that … Read more

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