Create a Healing Garden for Overcoming Anxiety

a healing garden with colorful flowers

A healing garden or a green space can help for overcoming Anxiety.  They are a set of special gardens design mainly for the propose of healing. They are generally use in health care facilities and medical center to improve their patient’s health outcome. Not all gardens are healing gardens, some gardens are actually built to enhance healing both … Read more

Change your Mood and Get Natural Anxiety Relief with a Serotonin Diet

serotonin diet

With a serotonin diet, you can change your mood and decrease anxiety, stress, depression and anger. There are many serotonin foods that one can have to bring about natural anxiety relief. Before we get to the core of serotonin and anxiety, we need to know what serotonin is. What is Serotonin? Serotonin is a chemical used by the … Read more

Shy People Stigma – How we Can Change that!

Man alone- Shy People

There is a stigma attached to shy people that can not be brushed aside or forgotten. For quite some time people with extreme shyness were considered to be stuck up, pushovers, boring but this is not so!  Shy people know better.  Yet, there is still a label that carries a negative connotation in our society.  This in itself can cause stress … Read more

Social Phobia is Common you are not Alone!

girl with social phobia

Social Phobia is also known as “Social Anxiety Disorder”, or extreme shyness and it involves fears of different situations. Situations that are unfamiliar or may make you feel uncomfortable. It may seem as if you are the only one that is feeling this way, but there are more people having social anxiety than you think!  Of … Read more

Social Anxiety in Children Can be Easily Remedy

social anxiety in children

Social anxiety in children can be truly heartbreaking when you see a perfectly beautiful and smart child too shy to interact with other children. If you have a child at home that is constantly avoiding contact with other children because he/she is shy, you may consider any of the following kid-friendly solutions to remedy extreme … Read more

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